“Art is a line around your thoughts” - Gustav Klimt


Why Red Brick Artspace?

My own need for an inspiring space is the reason Red Brick ArtSpace exists. I wanted to provide a safe, unassuming yet conducive space for artistic exploration.

Who am I?

I am a perpetual student of art, currently working toward a PhD in this field. Having studied, taught and practiced visual art for the better part of my life, I welcome people of all ages and abilities to share in my passion. The reward and personal pleasure of ‘tactile art making’ and ‘self-expression’ through mediums is a good way to connect and de-stress.

See my YouTube channel here for some more information and tutorials!


Artist Statement


POPTXT is a visual exploration of the phenomenon of digital text messaging within the context of contemporary art, specifically new media. The title unassumingly plays on the ubiquitous use of abbreviations within this form of communication and is based on the premise that any widely practiced behaviour in society may grow and perpetuate itself as popular and social.


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