Look and Feel: Bread is not fashion it’s staple. Indicative of its name our clothing label ‘bread’ will comprise of core garment separates that never date. Staple garments are the building blocks of any wardrobe and are unassuming yet classic. silhouettes will remain contemporary with an arty twist. elements like hand prints, edgy text, muted tones, limited edition eastern/Asian/African prints and a monochrome palette will add depth to simple cuts.

Concept: The bread label explores classic garments and unpacks their history, it also reveals the process of making, sourced materials and the creative elements used. In most instances fabrics are  limited in stock and adds to the uniqueness of the product. Bread is not mass or trend, it doesn't reinvent the wheel, it merely deconstructs process and offers a classic garment with a twist of creativity that you will never find in a store.

features: unique items / handmade /

easy fit / comfort / quality / eco

lifestyle / limited range

This kimono inspired light installation [1] by Canopy Designs Limited highlights the beautiful silhouette of the traditional kimono. So does Tajima Hiroshi’s exhibition [2], although neither item is wearable is shows that inspiration can be gained from any source and translated into anything.


An interesting fact is that the traditional Japanese kimono was influenced by the Chinese in the 8th Century. Popularised by the Geisha, kimonos differ in style and fabric according to occasion and season. Traditionally silk was used, the Iromugi, Homongi, Komon, Furisode & Mofuku are listed as the types of kimono’s worn.


I always approach a creative task by first researching my topic or area of interest. Now that I have learnt a bit of history about the kimono, I have an enriched sense of respect for its origins and purpose. I have also gained some inspiration from other artists’ interpretations [see 1] & [2]. So now I need to think about ways to make this classic silhouette a contemporary garment [see 3] & [4] that can be worn by a woman of any age. I would like to concentrate on a simple pattern, quality crafting and beautiful locally sourced printed cottons for comfort.

The ‘T’ shape of the kimono is what I find interesting. The soft cottons and linens remind me of paper. These make me think of a canvas and hand drawn images.


                        Patterns must ensure comfort and                            ease of fit.


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